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Today’s Moscow is not the grim, forbidding capital of a Communist regime of James Bond fame. The cultural heritage of Russia’s capital is one of the richest in Europe, including St. Basil's Cathedral, which is famous for its beautiful architecture, and the Bolshoi Ballet, breeding ground of the most famous ballet performers for the past century. The federation Tower, touted to be the tallest European building, is situated in Moscow and scheduled for completion in 2008. Tourists and businessmen alike will find much to do in this city, and chartering a private jet will infinitely increase the comfort level of travel, and may even be more practical than commercial airline travel.

For the tourist, chartering a jet allows a choice of landing in one of Moscow’s three main airports. The first airport is Sheremetyevo, which was built to accommodate the 1980 Olympic Game. You may take a regular express shutter bus from here to Moscow or the charter company can include land transfer in your travel package. The airport facilities may not satisfy some frequent traveler standard, but with charter landing you have choice of other airports to announce your arrival. The next airport is Vnukovo Airport, which is located about 40 miles to the South-West from Moscow. And saving the best for the last is the Domodevo Airport, it has the best airport facilities in the city and is easily accessible by trains. At any rate, the airport is about 45 minutes to the heart of Moscow.

Other advantages of traveling with private jet travel include no hand luggage restrictions, security delays, congestion and inadequate travel services. Chartering guarantees maximum flexibility, convenience, security and comfort. And the best part is you will never miss your flight nor will you need to make any connection flights. A good traveling tip is to you’re your accommodations before a arriving at the destination to make the visit more organized and hassle-free, enabling the time of stay to be maximized. Advanced bookings can be made online for many of the city’s top hotels or via the charter company. Such operators often have tie-ups with the hotels and other trappings of business or tourist travel and can make arrangements for one up to 50 passengers with luxury and comfort in mind at usually advantageous rates.

For business traveler who intent on making a good impression would do well to book a room at the best hotels. Topping the list of best hotels in Moscow is the Baltschug Kempinski Moscow Hotel. It is a neoclassical high ceiling room, which was built in 1898 with 230 rooms. It exudes sophistication matching the neighboring view of the famous Kremlin golden domes. Despite its rather prohibitive prices, the Baltschug is often fully-booked, testimony to its beauty and comfort.

Danilovskaya Hotel is said to be the holiest hotel in Moscow simply because it is on the same grounds of the Danilovskaya Monastery. It is a five-story hotel in an exquisite 18th century setting of churches and formal gardens. There are more hotels available in the city, you can choose according to your preference, budget and location.

From the comfort of your hotel room you can now choose to see the best tourist spots in the City. The first stop could be to the 17th to 19th century churches. You should accomplish these visits on foot as these edifices are mostly within walking distance from each other. You may start with the Church of the Martyr Vlasy (Tserkov Velikomuchenika Vlasiya and the reflective bell tower of the 19th century, then the 18th century Church of Assumption in Mogiltsy and many more history-laden churches. After your soul touching tour you may now visit the Tolstroy Museum, the former Lopukhin mansion. The famous Faberge family member lived in apartment number 13 and fled Russia in 1917. This could complete your day of tour so may now visit a perfect dining place to have a taste of authentic Russian gourmet cooking, including the experience of a true Caesar’s salad.

Though the city is a garden in itself, choose to visit one or two of the 96 parks and 4 botanical gardens of Moscow. The Central Park of Culture and Rest was founded in 1928 while the Izmaylovskiy Park, the largest urban park in the world is 6 times larger than the Central Park of New York. Other recommended sites are the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Moscow Kremlin, and Red Square.

Your visit to Moscow will never be complete without getting acquainted with the history of its sports. Moscow has already produced a total of 500 Olympic champions by 2005. Visit the Luzhniki Stadium, which is the 4th largest stadium in the whole of Europe. Although Moscow lost its bid for the 2012 Summer Olympics to London, she vows to do her best to take home most of the gold for that season.

For the business traveler, a private jet will ensure travel arrangements will conform to demands of a busy schedule. When coming to booming Moscow for business meetings, an accredited private charter operator such as SpainJet Private European Air Travel can make it as hassle-free and economical as possible. Private jet charters have flexible flight plans, depending on the client’s itinerary, and are not subject to delays and incompatible scheduling.

Moscow has much to offer in terms of tourism and business. The traveler will discover that Moscow is indeed the barometer of Russia’s development, and travelers will find the visit well worth the costs. To visit the City in comfort and style it is best to charter one of SpainJet Private European Air Travel. They specialize in private jet charters to and from Europe, Eastern Europe and the North Africa. It always provides the proper aircraft for the right mission. SpainJet have the Light Jets (5-8 passengers), Medium Jets (8-12 passengers) and Heavy Jets (12-50 passengers) for executive or VIP luxury travel and the Airliner for corporate shuttle for groups of 15-250.

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